Hi-Way Pentecostal Church

Pursuing The Heart of God
New Haven Youth is a home for the hurting and a haven for the weary. Students come each and every week looking for a place to escape and feel safe. We meet weekly to gather in worship and build relationships that will pour out of this building and into their school and family lives.
My prayer and vision of this group is for students to find a safe place where they can come meet face to face with the only one that can give them life and teach them exactly how much God loves each and everyone of them. At New Haven youth we come expecting the move of the spirit and trust in the process that God has for all our lives. #CONVERGE 


New Alpha is a brand new program at Hi-Way Church and truly follows its name with BEGINNING.
Young Adults come from all across Oxford County to find that first love in Jesus. New Alpha is a discussion base program that dives into the lives of young adults and the struggles and praises of their weekly lives. We meet at Hi-Way church weekly for simply one hour and look to honour your time. #MADENEW
My prayer and hope for this group is for young adults from all across this county and for them to know that they are not forgotten. That their lives begin with that refresher and reminder of that first love with Jesus. #MADENEW