Tuesday Nights

    Every Tuesday night we gather together in the Fellowship Hall with our kids to teach them how to be leaders! Leaders in the church, school, family, and the world.

    Currently we are following all of the Plan-To-Protect and Covid-19 Guidelines.

    As children arrive, we ask that they sanitize their hands. Proper masks are mandatory for all kids and leaders.

    Children have all the materials that they will need for the program at their assigned seat.

    Programs include:

    • Puppets
    • Music & Dance
    • Bible Stories & Concepts
    • Object Lessons & Visuals
    • Videos
    • Snack Times
    • Games
    • Discussions


    NURSERY: (Ages 0-3)

    Sunday Morning 10:00AM Family Service

    At this time, we have created a safe space in our nursery for our younger infants, toddlers, and families.

    There are currently 6 family pods in our nursery available each Sunday morning.

    Families are to remain together and have a safe space to play with their younger kids.

    At this time, the service is live streamed into the room on a TV, as well as some colouring/crafts provided for your toddlers each week.

    Each pod has very minimal toys, a chalk wall, and a few books, along with a rocking chair or couch for the parents/guardians.

    Attendance is taken each week.




    Sunday Morning 10:00AM Family Service

    Children begin in the service with their families.

    After a singing worship time, and the announcements, the children are then dismissed to the Fellowship Hall for their age appropriate Worship Service.

    We are currently following all of the Plan-To-Protect and Covid-19 guidelines given directly from our health unit.

    All children must be masked and sanitize their hands as they come in.

    Attendance is taken each week.

    We provide an experience with:

    • Crafts
    • Bible Stories
    • Games
    • Videos
    • Songs
    • Puppets
    • Snacks
    • Prizes
    • Memory Verses
    • And LOTS OF FUN!

    All Programs follow