Body. Mind. Spirit. These three words are the focus and intent for our Health Ministry



    The focus of our Health Ministry is on promoting health, preventing illness, and supporting the recovery and healing of individuals and families in our congregation and in the community around us.  This is achieved primarily through supporting one another and empowering individuals to take some control of their health and well being by making healthy choices.   

     We consider the whole person to include spirit, mind, and body.  Whatever affects a part of us, affects the whole being.  A physical illness can lead to mental symptoms like depression and feelings of hopelessness.  The good news is that there is hope – hope in Jesus!

     Life is lived in community with others (family, friends) and with God,  Whatever affects our relationships with others and with God, can also affect our health and sense of well being. 

     For more information, contact our Health Ministry facilitator, Monica Koepke